Personal Recruiting Advisor Services

Ronald Vrana - Personal Recruiting Adviser/Educational Consultant

Ron Vrana, with over 40 years experience in education and college recruiting, is considered a foremost expert in the recruiting field.  A former classroom teacher and high school coach for basketball, football, soccer, track and softball, Vrana is the founder and director of scouting for PSB. He has been in the recruiting business for 23 years assisting over 2,400 student athletes through the recruiting process.

Vrana has a passion for providing expert guidance to young athletes and their families. From your initial consultation until you sign with a college, Vrana is there every step of the way, placing athletes into junior colleges, junior hockey, and all divisions of the NAIA and NCAA.  Vrana gives your son or daughter a definite advantage in the recruiting business. His success in placing athletes in the best colleges is a result of his academics-first approach to the recruiting process. Vrana assists athletes in all sports, and their family, through this once in a lifetime opportunity to earn a college athletic scholarship.

Vrana's personal guidance is for families who would like to work with an experienced recruiting adviser to understand how the recruiting process works and how academics impact recruiting.  Vrana provides a personalized approached that meets each athlete's academic and athletic interests while providing support until the athlete decides on which college to attend.

As an educational consultant, Ron Vrana works with parents and prospects concerning school selection, athletic recruiting, specific college information, financial aid, and other areas related to the college selection process. 

For additional information, contact Ron Vrana at 412-298-6850.

 Consultant Services

Your initial 30-minute consultation is free.  Ron then offers the following packages:

Package #1 - One-hour phone consultation/start-up package  

Package #2 – Recruiting Advisor Services (Level 1)   

Package #3 – Recruiting Advisor Services (Level 2)

Package #4 – Recruiting Advisor Services (Level 3)

For information on the Recruiting Adviser packages, contact Ron Vrana at 412-298-6850.

Package #5 - Full Recruiting Services (Premium) - various packages

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 In accordance with NCAA regulations, consultant is not allowed to place a prospect at a particular institution nor is he allowed to negotiate or guarantee scholarships.