Consultant Services

PSB offers consultant services to help you navigate the world of youth sport.  PSB currently offers consultants in recruiting and hitting.

College Recruiting

Ronald Vrana - Personal Recruiting AdviserRon Vrana, the founder and director of scouting for PSB, is considered a foremost expert in the recruiting field.  A former classroom teacher and high school coach for basketball, football, soccer, track and softball, Ron has been in the recruiting business for over 20 years assisting over 2,200 student athletes through the recruiting process.

Ron offers personal recruiting consultations and recruiting adviser services.  You can arrange a one-hour phone session to discuss your son or daughter's personal situation and receive advice on how to succeed in the recruiting process.  You can also hire Ron as your personal recruiting adviser to assist you through the entire recruiting process from initial exposure through to signing with a college.  Click here to learn more about the personal recruiting consulting services Ron provides.

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Call Ron at 412-298-6850 to set an appointment.

Hitting Instruction

Claudio Reilsono - Personal Hitting Instructor:  Claudio Reilsono, the director of professional scouting for PSB, is one of the top hitting instructors in the country.  He is currently the head baseball coach at Carnegie-Mellon University where he has led the Tartans to some of their most successful baseball seasons in school history.  Reilsono also was an assistant coach at Duquesne University.  Claudio has worked with baseball and softball hitters of all ages.

Claudio offers personal on-line hitting evaluations and instruction, Reilsono On-line Hitting. Claudio is a very basic hitting instructor who uses a "common sense" approach.  He does not clone hitters, nor does he teach the latest hitting fad.  Send Claudio a video of your hitting, then he will give you a written report followed by a one-hour phone session to discuss your personal hitting situation and you can improve your hitting.  You can also hire Claudio as your personal hitting instructor for unlimited access to his lessons.  Click here to learn more about Reilsono On-line Hitting...

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Call Claudio at 412-443-4288 to set an appointment.