2022 PSB Winter Softball Showcase
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UPDATE: Due to continued concerns regarding covid, the PABCA showcases at The Highlands (September 18) and Germantown Academy (September 25) are canceled.

Athletic Scouting and Recruiting Adviser Specialists

Paramount Scouting Bureau offers services for parents and athletes, in all sports, that give you a competitive advantage in the college recruiting process. Using a personal approach, PSB has assisted over 2,500 student-athletes placing them into junior colleges, junior hockey, and all divisions of the NAIA and NCAA. We also assist colleges, in all sports, in their search to find athletes who meet their specific needs.

PSB educates and guides you through the recruiting process by:          
* Promoting you to every college in your sport, yet focusing on your academic interest.
* Matching your athletic skills to the needs of college coaches.
* Providing coaches your personal information and video so they can track your progress.
* Communicating with college coaches and networking with regional scouts to promote you.
* Creating opportunities that your coaches or you cannot create on your own.
* Saving you time and money while finding more offers than you can find on your own.
PSB gives you personal attention and support in every step of the recruiting process. We are the experts. We don't show you what to do and let you become the recruiter; we do all of the marketing work for you. Through regular contacts and one-on-one consulting, PSB gets to know you to assure that our marketing and advising will lead to offers from college programs that match your academic interests, athletic skill level, and personality. PSB is always a phone call, email or text away and ready to assist you.

PABCA/PSB Basketball Showcases in September

The Pennsylvania Basketball Coaches Association and PBS are holding two basketball showcases this September. The showcases are September 18 at Highlands Sports Complex in Triadelphia, WV, and the second is September 25 at Germantown Academy in Fort Washington, PA.

These events are true showcases for individual players. The showcases are open to girls and boys in grades seven through twelve.  Participants will be tested for speed, agility and strength, and then they will play in showcase games for college coaches and scouts.  PSB will evaluate players during the games and provide colleges across the country will these evaluations. PSB also will hold a recruiting presentation for players and parents during the showcase.

PSB Winter Showcases for Baseball and Softball

PSB is holding two showcases this winter at Highlands Sports Complex in Triadelphia, WV. The Winter Softball Showcase is January 29, 2022, and the Winter Baseball Showcase is February 19, 2022. Both showcases start at 1:00 PM and registrations are limited.

This is a true showcase for individual players; this is not a camp. Athletes may perform at one or two positions in front of college coaches and scouts. PSB will evaluate each player for running speed, arm strength, fielding, catching and pitching mechanics, and batting.  Each participant will receive a professional evaluation of his/her performance. PSB will then make the evaluations available to college coaches across the country. PSB will also hold a recruiting presentation at each event.

PSB Introduces Scouting and Recruiting for Esports

PSB is expanding our services to include Esports. Over 300 colleges and universities offer varsity Esports programs awarding over $15 million last year in scholarships, and the numbers are quickly increasing. These schools are using the growing popularity of gaming to drive enrollments, engagement, and advancement of educational opportunities. Like other varsity sports, colleges and universities are recruiting Esports athletes to build conference- and national championship-winning programs.

PSB is the first company to introduce a recruiting program unique to Esports. The program will bring together talented high school gamers and college coaches looking to build their teams.  We offer new and creative ways to provide Esports athletes a chance to perform for college coaches and earn scholarships for their gaming abilites. PSB will give you the edge in the recruiting process. Visit our new PSB Esports website at psbesports.com. If you are interested in learning more about your Esports college scholarship opportunities, contact Ron Vrana at rvrana@paramountsocuting.com, or follow us on Twitter @EsportsPsb.

For additional information on any PSB service, showcase or tournament, call PSB at 412-298-6850.