National Scouting Report

Using National Scouting Report, PSB provides a complete marketing program to promote our clients' abilities, accomplishments and potential to ensure their best chance for scholarship consideration. NSR is the most revered high school scouting and college recruiting organization in the world. Since 1980, college coaches have depended on NSR to present quality prospects for recognition, evaluation and recruitment.  Since 1996, PSB has provided student-athletes the very best exposure and consultant services available.

We respond promptly and professionally to our clients and college coaches to meet their specific needs.We provide every college in America complete profiles and honest scouting reports on our prospects, thus allowing coaches to identify, evaluate and recruit better student-athletes.

Our reputation for providing quality service is well-earned. College coaches recognize our student-athletes as being among the best prospects in the nation. Since 1996, PSB has provided deserving prep athletes with the opportunity to fulfill their dreams and goals through college athletics while providing a critically important service to college coaches.

College prospects who work with PSB are more likely to:

  • Receive more contacts from college coaches.
  • Receive more scholarship offers.
  • Receive scholarships and grants significantly higher than other prospects.
  • Attend more prestigious colleges.
  • Have better playing opportunities as a freshman.
  • Remain at and graduate from the college where they started.
  • Graduate within four years with a reputable degree.
  • Enter the workforce at a salary above the average for graduates in their field.

We do not accept just any athlete into our program. We only enroll prospects after scouting and researching each individual candidate's academic, athletic and personal qualifications. Our prospects must be athletic, have acceptable to superb academic records, possess good character, have a positive attitude, and be committed to the recruiting process and meeting the challenges of being a college athlete. These are attributes college coaches have come to expect from PSB-recommended student-athletes. Coaches across America know that when one of our prospects comes across their desk that they are deserving of attention.

National Scouting Report Services

The most comprehensive and trusted scouting service in the world

As a PSB prospect, you will receive exposure nationally and with targeted promotions using National Scouting Report.  PSB works with you to target colleges that meet your athletic and academic qualifications. No one in America, recruiting company or individual, can conceivably provide you with this type of comprehensive coverage and representation. My Game Plan for you will be a multi-faceted approach to insure that college coaches will have a variety of ways to recognize you as a legitimate prospect. My client services include:

Personal Brochure - a four-page brochure with the prospect's complete information.

Total College Exposure - a monthly mailing to every college coach, in every division, involved in the prospect's sport.

College Preference Mailings - the prospect selects colleges to which NSR will send a copy of the prospect's personal brochure with a letter of recommendation.

Regional College Selections - NSR promotes the prospect's athletic and academic qualifications to all colleges in regions selected by the prospect.

Personal Video Editing - Using footage furnished by the prospect, NSR edits and produces a top-quality video demonstrating the prospect's abilities.

Video College Promotion - NSR sends a personal video of the prospect to colleges chosen by the prospect's.  NSR also sends the prospect's video to any college coach who requests it.

Personal DVD/Brochure Mailing - NSR sends a DVD of the prospect's video along with an up-to-date brochure and a personal letter from the prospect to colleges selected by the prospect.

On-line Recruiting Profile - NSR designs and markets for the prospect a personal on-line profile, including academic and athletic information, a college essay, schedules, newspaper articles, and more. The prospect may update the profile at any time.

Recruiting Organizer - NSR will provide a recruiting organizer to assist the prospect in tracking recruiting activities.

College Request Service - NSR receives daily contact from colleges requesting referrals and recommendations on prospects meeting specific criteria.  If the prospect meets those criteria, the coach receives the prospect's updated profile, data file, and a direct link to the prospect's video.

Questionnaire Service - The prospect may submit to NSR completed college questionnaires.  NSR then returns the questionnaires to the colleges along with the prospect's most recent profile and video link.

Monthly Newsletter - The monthly NSR Journal provides the prospect with important NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA recruiting news, recruiting dates, rule changes, and helpful tips for making your NSR experience a success.

Recruiting Email Address - NSR issues the prospect an unpublished email address to use exclusively by college coaches or for other recruiting purposes.

Scholarship Search - NSR conducts a non-athletic search of scholarships based on personal criteria provided by the prospect.

Advice and Assistance - I provide a personal recruiting plan and continuous support to assist prospects and parents through the college recruiting and admissions process.  I provide a Game Plan on how we will navigate the recruiting process, including advice on dealing with college coaches and college visits, selecting the best college for the prospect's academic interest, how to negotiate college scholarships, and other situations that may arise in he recruiting process.

Extended Service - NSR will continue all services for any prospect competing in their sport at a junior college, prep school or in junior hockey.