PSB Team/Tryout Evaluations

PSB is introducing our new service, Team Evaluations.  For baseball and softball teams and organizations, PSB will evaluate players during tryouts or at a practice and provide valuable information for player selection and improvement.

The PSB staff of professional scouts has extensive experience in evaluating players of all ages.  Our evaluations are honest and realistic.  We would like every player we evaluate to get a college scholarship or a professional contract, but that is not realistic.  We must be accurate in our evaluations.  If we are not, college coaches and professional organizations would not turn to us when searching to fill their roster needs.

Team Evaluations - The PSB staff will work with the players on your team to provide a thorough evaluation of each player's abilities.  During the evaluation, we will work with your players on proper running, throwing, fielding, catching and pitching techniques to help us determine each athlete's potential.  From this session, PSB will provide coaches with a complete evaluation of each player and what each player needs to do to improve.  PSB also will provide each athlete a thorough evaluation and recommendations on what the athlete can do to reach his or her potential.

Tryout Evaluations - The The PSB staff will evaluate your tryouts.  The staff will run the tryout, perform all evaluations and provide your coaches and parents with accurate evaluations along with comments on what the players need to work on to improve.  Your coaches can then use this detailed information to select the best players for your teams or to draft players for your league.

PSB's Team Evaluations simplify your tryout process and avoids internal conflict and parent complaints.  Our unbiased evaluations will eliminate the controversy of "political picks," or the pressure of dads having to pick players.

Contact PSB at 412-298-6850 to discuss how we can evaluate your team or assist you at your next tryout.