Paramount Scouting Bureau Showcases

In 1997, PSB began running showcases to promote athletes to college coaches and professional scouts. At that time, a showcase was an event where players displayed their talents by participating in skills demonstrations for speed, agility, and other sport-specific abilities. Today, most events listed as showcases are nothing more than another tournament, or money-makers for the organizer, while the athletes walk away not knowing anything about their performance.

A PSB showcase is your opportunity to be seen by college coaches, determine where you stand in the recruiting process, and learn how you can improve your chances for success.  Professional evaluators provide showcase participants with an unbiased evaluation of their sport-specific skills.  You may perform at one or several positions.  The primary purpose of a PSB showcase is to get a professional evaluation of your skills that your parents and you can use when contacting college coaches or when looking for a baseline to improve your skills.  Following a showcase, you will receive a written evaluation of your performance.

Don't Get Blinded By the Hype

Many parents are convinced that a tournament with the word showcase in the name will draw more college coaches and attention for their son or daughter. The exact opposite is true. Fewer coaches are attending these events, because most of the athletes are not committed to playing in college, and the coaches are not going to weed through hundreds of athletes to find out who is.  In turn, the serious athletes do not get noticed, either.  Coaches attend these events when they are looking for a specific athlete.

Why a PSB Showcase

PSB events are evaluation opportunities where athletes learn where they stand in the recruiting picture and how they can improve that standing.  We invite college coaches to attend; however, when a college coach attends an event, you are seen by one college.  PSB is the eyes for hundreds of colleges and puts your evaluation in front of college coaches across the country.  When coaches know they can get an accurate scouting report on an athlete from PSB, they do not need to see you in person.  Colleges at all levels use our trusted and respected evaluations as part of their recruiting efforts. That is the true purpose of a scouting organization, and no one does it better than PSB.

Players participating in a PSB event must be in high school.  Players in seventh and eighth grades may attend if they have advanced athletic talent.  Recent high school graduates may also participate in a showcase for a chance to be seen by college coaches.

PSB scouts base their player evaluations on a college scale.  Many PSB scouts have professional playing or college coaching experience and have scouted players at the professional or collegiate level.  We do not hire local college or high school coaches as evaluators on a one-time basis. Many of our scouts evaluate several events, which helps to create consistency when comparing players from across the country.

If you want to know your son or daughter's true skill level and if they have college playing opportunities, an evaluation from PSB is the place to start.